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Dr. Chetan Aurangabadkar

Dr. Yogesh Suryawanshi

Welcome to the website for our hospital!

In our hospital, we work hard to give patients the best possible care. Our team of caring employees and healthcare specialists is committed to giving our patients a secure and pleasant environment. Our staff is committed to ensuring that each patient receives the best care possible because we think that every patient deserves specialised care and attention.

In order to better serve our patients, our hospital is continually changing and expanding. We are always looking for innovative methods to enhance the services we offer and the level of care we deliver. We are dedicated to keeping at the forefront of medical technology and giving our patients the most cutting-edge care possible.

We are proud of the work we do and the lives we touch every day. We are dedicated to giving our patients the greatest care possible, and we sincerely hope that you will think of our hospital when you need kind, high-standard medical care.

We appreciate you taking the time to check out our website.


Dr. Chetan Aurangabadkar & Dr. Yogesh Suryawanshi


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