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Ultrasonography (USG)

Welcome to the Sonography Department of Chintamani Hospital !!

The Sonography Department at our hospital provides comprehensive imaging services using the most advanced ultrasound technology. Our experienced and highly trained Radiologists have expertise in a variety of modalities including 2D, 3D imaging & Doppler Studies.

Our Radiologists are committed to patient education and use the latest technology to ensure personalised care and quality imaging results with accuracy and reliability. Our Radiologist provide a wide range of services including fetal ultrasounds, abdominal ultrasounds, pelvic ultrasounds, body part ultrasound and breast ultrasounds. We have the latest imaging equipment and use the most advanced imaging techniques available.

Our Radiologists are experienced in providing the highest quality sonography services available. We strive to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients.

Thank you for choosing the USG investigation at Chintamani Hospital. We look forward to serving you !!

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