Chintamani Hospital



Vision & mission


To provide healthcare of global standards to entire Konkan region, develop into a leading hospital in the region and influence the lives of the people we serve through superior clinical care, quality, dedication and compassion.


  • To offer everyone compassionate, easily accessible, high-quality standardised healthcare that is also affordable to all patients.
  • To put the needs of the patient first and strive for patient-centric treatment.
  • To conduct research and incorporate technology to create, disseminate, and utilise new knowledge and technology in the delivery of patient care.
  • To actively contribute to the promotion and enhancement of community health and to the development of a solid, integrated system for the provision of local healthcare.
  • To hold ourselves accountable to high standards that are observable, quantifiable, and relevant to all hospital departments and staff. 
  • Strive to maintain and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety, and patient happiness by continuously enhancing medical treatment.

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