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The Neurosurgery Department at Chintamani Hospital is a is a specialised unit that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases affecting the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

Neurosurgery headed by Dr. Shreevijay Phadake, who provide expert care for patients with a wide range of neurological conditions especially trauma cases.

Our team works together to provide excellent, individualised care to our patients, and we strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of our treatment to rehabilitation and follow-up care.

Overall, the goal of the neurosurgery department is to provide high-quality care and treatment for patients requiring neurosurgical management using the latest technology and techniques available.

Speciality Doctors

Dr. Shreevijay Phadake

MCh Neurology

Monday: 1PM to 6PM tuesday :1PM to 6PM

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