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Addition of Stress Test / TMT and Spirometry Test

  • Chintamani hospital has recently announced the addition of Stress Test and Spirometry services to its already comprehensive list of offerings. 
  • The new services are available to patients who may have difficulty breathing, have asthma, or have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition. 
  • The stress test measures the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure under physical activity, allowing doctors to assess their risk for cardiovascular disease. 
  • The spirometry test, on the other hand, measures the patient’s lung capacity and how effectively they are able to expel air. 
  • Both tests provide important information to Doctors who can then make more informed decisions on how best to treat the patient.
  • The tests are non-invasive and relatively quick, meaning that patients can receive their results in a timely manner. 
  • The addition of these services is expected to greatly benefit patients in the community who may need help managing their conditions or assessing their risk for cardiovascular disease. 
  • Doctors are excited to offer these services to patients, as they will help them provide better care and make more informed decisions. 
  • The hospital hopes that these new services will help alleviate the burden of cardiovascular disease and other breathing-related conditions in the community.
  • With these tests, patients can now receive the care they need more quickly and efficiently.

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