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Chintamani Hospital now offers Preventive Health Packages suitable for each age group

  • Chintamani hospital, Ratnagiri has announced the addition of a new preventive health check-up service to its already extensive suite of medical services. 
  • The preventive health check-up service will provide comprehensive medical screenings and advice to help identify any potential health risks before they become serious. 
  • The hospital will offer a wide range of preventive health check-up services to its patients, including physical examinations, laboratory tests, x-rays, ECGs and other relevant tests. 
  • The preventive health check-up service will also include comprehensive lifestyle advice, dietary counselling and advice on immunisations and vaccinations.
  • The hospital will also provide support for patients to make lifestyle changes, if needed. 
  • The hospital’s Physicians, Surgeons believes that the addition of the preventive health check-up service will help to ensure that the hospital’s patients are in the best of health. 
  • They believe that by identifying any potential health risks early, patients will be able to take the necessary steps to reduce their risk of developing serious health issues. 
  • The hospital hopes that the preventive health check-up service will help to reduce the burden of illness and disease in the local community. 
  • It also hopes that the service will make it easier for patients to access the medical advice and services they need to stay healthy.

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